VAT exempt import

VAT exempt import services from outside the UE.

Based in Ruse, Bulgaria, our company, QUANTUM INTERMED EOOD, offers import services and customs brokerage from outside the European Union territory by means of applying all the tax facilities, such as VAT exemption, and also intra-community deliveries exclusively within the member countries of the Community, by identifying goods, customers or suppliers as well as ensuring the entire flow of the logistics transport.

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VAT exempt import

VAT exempt import procedure for goods purchased outside the UE is carried out by the Bulgarian customs authorities through our society QUANTUM INTERMED EOOD.

Reduced Costs and Fees

Reduced costs and fees for executing the customs documentation as well as for the transportation to the location indicated by the customer.

Full services

By customer request, we can provide services for VAT exempt triangular intra-community delivery procedure and for the delivery of the goods directly from the supplier to the beneficiary.

Consulting and Business Development Services

Recently, based on increased market demand, Quantum Intermed has decided to launch a dedicated business line of Consulting and Business Development Services for the Bulgarian Market.

Our team is partnering with freelancers on different specialties, such as IT Services Consulting, Business Development or Management Consulting, in order to provide our customers with tailored value propositions.

IT Services Consulting

Business Development

Management Consulting

About the VAT exempt import procedure

The VAT exempt import procedure is applied without VAT payment on entry of goods into the European Union and Bulgaria, respectively, only if the goods are further sold to a VAT paying company in Romania or inside the community territory.

In the case of the Romanian companies that perform this import procedure through our company’s mediation, in the month following the receipt of the goods, they undertake the obligation to send us “Declaration 390” certifying that the intra-community delivery has been recorded in the company’s accounts.

It is worth mentioning that this import procedure is not exempt from customs duties when this applies to the countries from which the import is made in accordance with the customs regulations of the European Union (TARIC).

Everything in one place

QUANTUM INTERMED EOOD offers professional services in the field of imports both from outside and within the European Union, the main advantage being that our partners will be exempt from VAT for both the purchased goods and the services provided by us, which means a significant cost reduction of a least 20%.

In fact, the goods can be purchased or sold through our company, which is why the customers or the suppliers will benefit from all the tax and logistical benefits we can provide.

Choose the VAT exempt import option and reduce your company’s cost.

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Despre Quantum Intermed

About Quantum Intermed

QUANTUM INTEMRED EOOD was established in 2016 and it has focused on the import of goods from countries mainly though not exclusively from the Middle East. We have constantly improved our services over time to serve various partner companies in Romania, Israel, Hungary, France and Portugal. From 2016 on, our company has developed business relationships with reliable partners, which led to a mature growth of our company, so that, in the future, we anticipate an increase in demand from our customers.

Quantum Intermed can assist you in legally paying less taxes through the VAT exempt import procedure.

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